7 Dangers of Buying a Replica Smartphone You Should Know!

The development of the world's smartphones is now reaching a golden age, where the smartphone has been transformed into the basic needs of everyone.

Computer news – The development of the world’s smartphones is now up to the golden age, where the smartphone has turned into the basic needs of everyone. Especially when talking about premium smartphone judi poker online, everyone would want to have it, thanks to the beautiful appearance and sophisticated features. Of course, to have a flagship smartphone, we have to spend quite a lot.

Based on it, now many scattered supercopy phones or replicas of premium mobile phones. This is actually a solution and a middle ground, for the low budget, have a high-end phone that they want. But of course there are some deficiencies of replica or supercopy smartphone. This deficiency can be a danger to buy a replica smartphone that you need to be aware of.


7 Dangers of Buying a Replication Smartphone


1. No warranty
If you buy a smartphone, usually you will get a warranty, either official or distributor. Surely this warranty is important, if you get an item that does not match or have damage, so you can exchange it for a new one or fix it according to the agreement contained on the warranty card.

However, it is different if you buy a replica phone, you will not get any warranty from any party, even if you are lucky, you can get the goods exchange guarantee from the seller, and even then apply only one weekly. This is one of the shortcomings of a replica smartphone that you need to consider when you want to buy it.


2. Specifications are far from the original

The lack of a second replica smartphone is a specification that is far from the original. Perhaps among you have seen the specs of a supercopy, where the specifications are very tempting with a cheap price, some even to exceed the original phone itself. Do not be lulled, all of it is just a scam.

The makers of HP supercopy have, of course, been manipulating the phone system so that the original specifications can not be seen, therefore, usually, even with 3rd party applications such as CPU Z, it will still read the manipulated specifications. However, actually every replica phone has a specification that is not far from cheap phones.


3. Firmware is not clear

If we buy original hp, surely we will get firmware update periodically from vendor maker. Unlike supercopy, you will not find anything like this, even the firmware you use is hard to find, because the system has been manipulated in such a way.

Constraints such as bootloop phones or for example you want to do factory reset, of course all this you can do easily on the original phone. But you must say goodbye, if you use a supercopy phone, because it is difficult to find a suitable firmware for mobile abal-abal it.


4. Vulnerable malware

This one is the danger of replica smartphones. As discussed earlier, that smartphone supercopy has a system that has been manipulated all-out by the creator, is actually very fatal result. Existing systems certainly have far more gaps to be easily infiltrated by malware.

Although the original hp can also be infiltrated by malware, but this can still be overcome in various ways. Supercopy that has a system of unknown course, in the handling of malware is very complicated and can easily make a phone into a bootloop, even nge-brick.


5. Performance is weak

Already we know, the specifications brought by replica phones, of course far from the good word. Usually use the specifications that are quite old-fashioned and hardware that is not clear the manufacturer. This impacts on the weak performance of the resulting mobile phone.

Although many sellers who label cell phones as HDC, which is usually touted as supercopy phone with above average performance, still, in everyday use, the phone has an unstable performance.


6. The camera is ugly

Can not be denied, in the present times, mobile phones with camera features is an absolute thing. The camera helps us easily record and capture our entire memory. Original smartphones in general already have a pretty good camera quality, though a cheap price though.

However, supercopy phones are the opposite, on average the replica phones have congenital cameras that are not exactly fair. The quality of the resulting shots, really very bad, when the phone made a replica is a premium phone, like the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6, which incidentally has a cute gahar camera features. This is one of the shortcomings of most replica smartphones we can see.


7. Unnatural Build Quality

It’s supercopy phone is a cheap phone that still can not be expected to have the same quality as premium. But the quality of making these phones, still not exactly normal, even very ugly.

If seen from the price range of 1-2 million dollars, if you buy the original phone, Build Quality you get, is quite good and appropriate price. In contrast to replica phones, which impressed ‘origin like’, the body that brought really look very fragile and not precision. The screen on this phone also looks dull and easily scratched.

Looking at some of the deficiencies of a replica smartphone, of course HP replica or supercopy is the wrong choice if you bring your minimal budget to buy hp like this. Because of the danger of replica smartphone is also not kidding.

If you do not have enough budget to buy premium mobile phone, you better switch to medium or cheap phone, which is actually now quite varied and have good quality. But if you still want to buy a premium phone, you can save first, or choose a line of credit that applied many shops today.