Never Jailbreak iPhone! These 5 Dangers Behind Your iPhone Jailbreak

IOS operating system embedded in the iPhone device is already implementing a very tight security. However, IPHONE can still be in jailbreak.

Computer news – IOS operating system embedded in the iPhone device is already implementing a very tight security. However, as tight as the agen sbobet security system, it can still be penetrated. Some hackers are able to penetrate the iPhone and can “touch” the file system. This is then called Jailbreak.

Just like when rooting on Android, Jailbrek iPhone can also unlock the iPhone’s potential capabilities. Many cool features and applications that can only be used when the iPhone has been jailbrek. However, Jailbrek iPhone also raises potential losses. What are they? Check out Jaka’s review below.


Here’s 5 Reasons Why You Should not Jailbreak the iPhone.

1. iOS and its Application Will Be Unstable

IOS embedded on the iPhone is programmed in such a way to run smoothly by Apple. By tinkering with the iOS system (Jailbrek), that means you’ll make iOS and its ap- plied installs become unstable.


2. Security Level Reduced

Just like Android has been rooted, iPhone devices that have been on the Jailbrek are also very vulnerable security. Your iPhone will be potentially exposed to malware brought by applications that you install outside the App Store because those apps are not reviewed directly by a team from Apple.


3. iPhone Battery Quick Out

This is very common in iPhone devices that have been jailbrek. Usually Jailbrek iPhone devices will be upgraded beyond the limits set by Apple. This is certainly very influential on battery life.


4. Scorched Warranty

Apple has forbidden iPhone users to jailbreak their devices. As mentioned above, the Jailbreak iPhone device is vulnerable to security, and it’s all beyond Apple’s responsibility. You will lose your official warranty even if the warranty period is still valid.


5. Can not Upgrade to iOS Latest Version

Apple always releases updates for iOS annually. You Jailbrek iPhone users will never be able to upgrade your iOS to the next version. So you have to be satisfied with the iOS version you are using now.

That’s 5 reasons why you should not Jailbrek your iPhone. You should think about it before you Jailbreak your iPhone. Make sure you know the risks. If you only use the iPhone is limited to social media, then Jailbrek is not suitable for you.