Rumor : Android O will be released this month??

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Android O will be released this month.

Computer News – The launch of the latest operating system from Android increasingly close. Having previously released 3 beta versions aimed at app developers, it will soon be released its 4th version and most likely this is the final version and is a public version of Android O.

Android O Review

Android O release

While waiting for Android O officially released to the public, here are some things you need to know about this latest version of Android.

Android O is the latest version of the android operating system, following the previous version of Nougat. Just a reminder, the most complete version of Nougat released August 2016.

Same with previous versions, Android O will run on mobile devices and tablets.

Why they called O?
Android names the output version in alphabetical order, there are Jelly Bean, Kit-Kat, Lollipop, Marshmallow and Nougat. The names are taken from the name of the dessert snack.

It was crowded that O would be named Oreo, or Oatmeal Cookie, or Orange Sorbet, or … another dessert snack name that started with O. But for O, there were rumors that Android was giving a naming change, no longer using the name of the dessert snack. Santer mentioned that O will be named Octopus.

Hmmmm, curious? Let’s wait.

When is it released?
The first version of O was released to developers in March. Since then, there are already three versions that are upgrading from the first version. If you look at the launch of Nougat, which was first launched in August 2016, it is expected that O will be released to the public around the end of this August.

android O homescreen

rajapoker said about the latest versions of the operating system is not out of curiosity what new features it carries. Android O does not bring many new features, including:

Battery life
Android has a longer battery life on O. Here is not talking about battery capacity but efficiency.
Android has been trying to increase the length of time an android phone can be used without having to quickly lose battery power.

To achieve that Android O will automatically limit the applications running in the background. Thus the applications running on the background stop using data quota consistently. This will impact on the efficiency of power usage and of course the efficiency of data quota usage as well.

Notification Controls
Notifications on mobile come from various installed applications: Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, Path, Email etc. Not infrequently notifications come barrage with a number that is not small, whether it is from the important to the not important at all.

These frequent (and numerous) notifications often make important notifications (for we know or expect) often sinking between other unnecessary notifications. Make us often skip the important notifications. To fix this Android O mebuat “Notification Channels”

This channel allows developers to create an ‘integrated system’ so that mobile users can manage the notifications they see. For example, a user can create a separate notification channel for each group of conversations.






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This is the same as some browsers have implemented Chrome including one, which is automatically filling in forms using previously saved data.

When doing multitasking, the new Android O will allow to view the video in Picture in Picture (PiP) mode. It allows you as a user no need to stop watching Netflix for sending important emails.

Improved audio quality and connectivity
Android O introduces a new Bluetooth audio codec that enables connection and streaming to wireless audio devices of better quality.

To improve Bluetooth connectivity, Android gets help from Sony with over 30 additional features.

This latest Android version also adds Wi-Fi Aware, to allow hardware with software to connect to other devices without the need for Wi-Fi connectivity.

Icon changes
There are currently a variety of Android device manufacturers. Google also produces its own phone but through other parties, such as LG, Sony, HTC.

Each Android device has different characteristics from each manufacturer. This difference affects how an app icon is displayed on the device in question. For that Android O introduces an adaptive icon launcher, which can display various shapes across different device models.


Same with the last android version, almost game still compatible with this Android O. Rajapoker, whatsapp, BBM, tinder.